We offer

⦁ Free information:

We provide free information about your questions related Nepal.

⦁ Pick up & drop off facility

We pick you up at the Kathmandu International Airport and welcome you in Nepalese way. We drop you off at the Airport after your trip. We welcome you as a guest at your arrival and say goodbye as a friend/family member at your departure.

⦁ Accommodation (hotel, resort, homestay, tent, lodge, hostel, camping)

We organize accommodation according to your needs and wants. During the packages, we provide food and accommodation in 3 star hotels and restaurants. Some of the nights, we sleep and eat in local homestays and small tea houses run by the local people.

⦁ Flight tickets

We organize domestic as well as international flight tickets. We also provide mountain flight tickets to see the highest mountains located in Nepal. We also organize Helicopter tour services as well as you can contact us if you need a helicopter for rescue.

⦁ Basic Yoga & Meditation course (including Yoga Teacher Training) as well as Buddhism course

We provide basic yoga and meditation course to our clients. During the trekking, we practice Pranayama yoga which helps us to control our breath. We also organize yoga teacher training to be a professional international yoga teacher. You can also contact us if you are interested to learn about Buddhism. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Major local people practice Hinduism and Buddhism here. These two religions are mixed with each other and people are living since centuries with peace and harmony here.

⦁ Sightseeing inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley

We provide sightseeing services all over Nepal with professional city guides. We speak major international languages. Nepal is a very rich country in culture. It is believed that there are more temples than houses as well as more gods and goddesses than people in Nepal. It is also believed that there are more festivals than total days in a year. We participate you in these festivals. We offer UNESCO’s cultural world heritage sites sightseeing tour to our clients. 7 cultural heritage sites are located inside the Kathmandu Valley and another one is the birthplace of Lord Buddha which is located at Lumbini.

⦁ Hiking

We provide hiking services with certified guides. We offer hiking to Nagargot, Panauti, Namo Buddha, Dhulikhel, Balthali, Dhungkharka, Bandipur, Ilam, Palpa, Pokhara and other beautiful places of Nepal. During the hiking, we practice basic yoga and meditation. It is relatively easy and suitable for all including children.

⦁ Trekking 

We organize trekking services to our clients. Trekking in Nepal is obvious for those who come to visit Nepal. From high peaks mountains for experimented trekkers to small and easier trekking for beginners, we can help you in the choice of the trekking the most adapted to your physical capacity and your desire of discovering Nepal. The Everest Base Camp trekking, Annapurna Circuit trekking and Langtang Valley trekking are very popular routes for major adventure seekers. We also provide trekking services to the regions where special permissions are required. We recommend you to explore unexplored areas of Nepal. We promote new trekking routes such as Guerrilla Trekking, Rara Lake trekking, Tsum Valley Trekking, Dolpo region trekking, Mardi Himal Base Camp Trekking and so on.

⦁ Jungle Safari

You can enjoy jungle safari in different national parks of Nepal. It is a way to rest a little and enjoy the wild nature of Nepal. We offer jungle safari at Chitwan National park and Bardia National Park.
The Chitwan National Park, one of the most popular tourist destination of Nepal, is the first national park popular for its ecosystem that hosts all kinds of birds, animals, reptiles and plants. The park was established in 1984 and is one of the UNESCO’s the world heritage sites. There is high possibility to see the elusive and rare Bengal tiger, deer, wild boar, monkeys, wild dogs, wild cats, crocodiles, rhino (one-horned), elephant etc.
Royal Bardia National Park is the largest and most undisturbed wild area of the Terai region of the Nepal Himalayas. The area has a dry climate and located in a remote area of Nepal. Here is a higher chance to see Royal Bangali Tiger and other wild animals.

⦁ Relaxation Activities

We organize many relaxation programs such as spa, ayurvedic massage, stay at a peaceful beautiful resort, trip to sunrise and sunset viewpoints and so on to our clients.

⦁ Wedding & Honeymoon trip

We organize wedding ceremony at the Everest Basecamp. We also organize honeymoon trip for couple with memorable activities. Nepal is a friendly country for LGBTI group. We can organize a wedding ceremony in Nepal in between two people.

⦁ Helicopter Tour

We organize helicopter tour for mountain views, film, documentary, advertisement shooting, and relaxation and so on. You can also contact us if you need a helicopter for rescue. We ask your insurance details if you need this service.

⦁ Mountain Flight

We organize mountain flight to our clients to see major mountains of the world located in Nepal. It is hard to describe how you feel when flying over the Himalaya. It is offered in the major mountains of Nepal including the mountain flight to see the Mt. Everest also known as the Everest Express). It is also suitable for those people who are not physically fit for trekking including children. Enjoy breath-taking views of the tallest mountains, the Himalayan peaks and the Tibetan plateau . You feel like you are left in awe of the sheer magnitude of the mountain chain and its incredible beauty. This is not just an ordinary flight that you catch to travel different destinations in the world but is the mountain flight that would take you over the highest Himalayas in the world.

⦁ Mountaineering

We organize mountaineering services to our clients who want to climb a mountain located in Nepal including Mt. Everest. We arrange everything you need to climb the Everest and other mountains.

⦁ Peak Climbing

There are more than 300 peaks in Nepal. Some of them are still not climbed by human. We organize peak climbing services to our clients.

⦁ Mountain Biking

We organize mountain biking services to our clients in different beautiful parts of Nepal. We start to get you acclimatised to the altitude with a few days in the Kathmandu Valley, exploring the network of fabulous trails high above the hustle and bustle of the city, before heading up into the Himalayas. It is possible to finish Annapurna Circuit with mountain biking. We also organize biking tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara

⦁ Skydiving

We organize skydiving with 360 degree view of the Himalayas. It is possible in the Everest and Annapurna regions of Nepal.

⦁ Bungy Jumping/Canyon Swing/Tandem Swing

We organize Bungy Jamping services to our clients to do Bungy Jump in Nepal. It is possible to do this adventure in more than one place of Nepal. It is also possible for you to see the place first and then decide if you want to jump.
Canyon Swing and Tandem Swing are also possible in Nepal. We recommend you to share this adventure activity together with your loved one or best friend.

⦁ Paragliding

We organize paragliding services to our clients in different places of Nepal such as Pokhara, Kathmandu and Bandipur. You experience great mountain views together with small local villages and paddy fields.

⦁ Ultra-Light air

We organize Ultra-Light tour to our clients. It gives you optimum pleasure with breathtaking snow views and the glittering, icy peaks of the Himalayas. In this flight, it is used very light aircraft which has no window and seating for only two persons, including a pilot and a passenger. Powered by engines these aircraft can reach very close to the mountain peaks. It is available only in Pokhara now. The main reason to choose Pokhara valley for Ultra-light aircraft is that of its proximity to the mountains, and the scenic lakes. It is a quiet and peaceful experience without fear, floating comfortably in the clouds.

⦁ Rafting/Kayaking/Canyoning

We organize rafting trips to our clients. Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for this adventure activity because it is the home to eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. The country is blessed with some of the wildest and most spectacular rivers in the world. We organize rafting trips into different rivers located in Nepal for all kinds of clients. The combination of beautiful mountain scenery, exhilarating white water rapids and fascinating cultural opportunities make Nepal one of the premier places to go for white water rafting.
We can organize both kayaking and canyoning tours to our clients. These activities enable you to explore some of the forbidden places in the Himalaya.

⦁ Zip Flying

We organize zip flying tour to our clients. This adventure activity suitable for all. It is possible to do it in Pokhara and near Kathmandu. A zip line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope.

⦁ Rock Climbing

We organize rock climbing tours to our clients. Many rock climbing sites in Nepal offer an exciting and adventurous opportunity to enthusiasts of the sport with climbs suitable for both beginners and experts.

⦁ Hot Air Ballooning

We organize Hot Air Ballooning to our clients. This is a new adventure activity. This activity provides panoramic Himalayan views.

⦁ Volunteering/Internship/Study Exchange programs

We organize volunteering programs each year via Harimai Foundation. Nepal needs your support to overcome from its massive earthquake of 2015. Nepal is a developing country. Those people who are living in the remote areas of Nepal are still facing problems to fulfill their basic needs. Local people are looking for each support. You can volunteer in Nepal in many sectors such as education, health and agriculture.
We also organize internship and study exchange programs for international students who want to come to Nepal for certain period of time for an internship or a study exchange program.

⦁ Cargo and Courier Services

We organize cargo and courier services. We send your package from Nepal to anywhere in the world.

⦁ Visa services

We provide information regarding visa to Nepal. We can also help you to obtain visa to India, Tibet, Bhutan and other countries located nearby Nepal.

⦁ Nepali mobile SIM card and recharge card

We provide Nepali mobile SIM cards and also recharge cards to our clients. It is better to have a Nepali mobile with you while you are in Nepal for effective communication.

⦁ Nepali handmade products

We provide Nepali mobile SIM cards and also recharge cards to our clients. It is better to have a Nepali mobile with you while you are in Nepal for effective communication.

⦁ Documentary, film, advertising making  

Nepal as a whole is a paradise. We organize all you need to make a movie, documentary, and advertising in Nepal.